At Mindvalley, we explore to leading edge ideas in personal transformation. We surround ourselves with people who inspire us. We take the whole world to new heights with us.

Mindvalley is a not a company with a mission. We are a mission that has a company and we live and breathe our mission.

We are looking for team members who don’t only define themselves based on their skills and experience. We want to know what really motivates and drives you in life. So, how does Mindvalley fit into that journey? We want to get to know you!

Our Team

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Our Mission

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Create Personal Transformation

Today’s approach to learning is deeply flawed. We built a platform with the best teachers, authors and activists to provide members with real life tools. We have reimagined learning centered on personal growth, career growth, mind hacks and much much more.

Our mission is to create personal transformation that raises human consciousness.

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Serve Life Changing Educational Content

10 million+ people are becoming their best selves through participation in Mindvalley signature programs, educational content and live events.

The platform is designed to serve educational content that is most relevant and life changing—so much so that its top rated programs (called Quests) have an 800% better completion rate than industry average.

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Achieve The Ultimate in Personal Transformation

Home to hundreds of incredibly talented educators, entrepreneurs and creatives from more than 100+ countries.

Our team is passionate about dedicating their lives to help themselves and others achieve the ultimate in personal transformation.

World Blue Award

Won WorldBlu’s Award For Most Democratic Workplaces 11 Years Straight
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What Mindvalley People Said

If you take your personal development seriously, then Mindvalley is the place for you

Successful people don’t grow by accident, they grow by design and I feel that Mindvalley is a company designed to keep you become better every day. I am surrounded by people with similar values and mission, and this helped me to make personal growth a habit.

Kathy Tan

Head of Internationalization / Malaysia

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I have grown more, personally and professionally over the last year than I have over the last 10 years in my career

Amazingly, Mindvalley allowed me to help people all over the world to become a better version of themselves by doing what I love, which is building innovative tech products and finding answers to complex technical problems.

Riyazi Mohamed

Head of Infrastructure and Security / Maldives

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I find Mindvalley to be the most flexible, supportive & family-friendly working environment

Being a full time working mom of 2 young boys I find Mindvalley to be the most flexible, supportive & family-friendly working environment I could ask for. I pick my working hours and location, I grow professionally and personally and I work with the smartest and kindest people on the projects that are inspiring and make a real positive impact in the world!

Nika Karen

Director of Lifebook by Mindvalley / Poland

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I’m excited about what I do

I’m excited about what I do. For me, the most interesting thing in Mindvalley Tech right now is the Product. The direction that we are going to, for the Mindvalley app and platform is the intersection between mindfulness and entertainment, but for personal development. And that’s great because we get to work on very unique problems.

Kevin Davis

Senior Product Manager Mindvalley App / U.S.A.

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My life took a 360 degree turn with Mindvalley

In 2011, I took the leap and switched from a Biomedical engineering career to join Mindvalley and little did I know that my life was never going to be the same again. Fast forward 7 years later, traveling to 4-5 countries a year experiencing the most beautiful corner of the world, meeting incredible people from all walks of life, and transforming people’s lives in the process is part of my every day life. I couldn’t be more grateful to make that crazy decision 7 years ago.

Olla Abbas

Director of Global Events / Sudan

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