Tallinn, Estonia

What do you do when some of your best employees decide it is time to for them to move on from their Malaysian life and return to their home continent, Europe? You open up an office there. Our Events team puts on the masterpiece immersions that you see coming to life as A-Fest and Mindvalley U. We take the fact that this team is seamlessly operating across two offices and (at least) five time zones as proof that the future of work is mobile.

Team of Talinn, Estonia

Talinn, Estonia office

Multiple cities, United States

While Malaysia may be the current home of Mindvalley HQ, it was in a tiny apartment in Times Square, New York where this extraordinary journey first began. Mindvalley now returns to its roots as we look to gather and collaborate with the brightest minds residing in the United States of America. Our community is stronger in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego and New York, however you could also join us remotely from anywhere in the country.

Mindvalley employee working remotely.

Sunset at Los Angeles, United States

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Voted Top Ten World’s Most Beautiful Offices 2019 by Inc. Magazine. It’s been the subject of numerous interior design magazine and photo shoots.

We believe in designing offices that inspire people to be creative, to live and work happy and to feel really valued as employees. A great work space inspires great work.

And it all is located in one of the arguably most exciting cities in the world right now - the rising metropolis of Kuala Lumpur.

Welcome to Mindvalley.

Team of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur office

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

If you are asking our team in Kota Kinabalu why they are not just joining the community in KL, they will tell you that they prefer having an undisturbed view of the beautiful sunset. While they would be joking, one thing holds true: We acknowledge that not everyone is made for the big city life - and if you are at peak performance on a tranquil beach, we are happy to accommodate. After all, we are getting some cutting-edge tech talent to hustle for us in return.

Team of Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu office

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