Mindvalley is NOT just a company. We exist more as a community of more than 10 million people (and expanding) who are dedicated to not just growing ourselves as individuals, but also collectively raising the consciousness of the human species.

When you’re working with so many leading edge teachers, like Ken Wilber, Alan Watts, Robin Sharma, Neale Donald Walsch or Barbara Marx Hubbard, their ideas cannot help but influence the very DNA of our company. As such, we’re designing this company based not on the way business runs today - but on the way many of these visionaries predict business will work in the future.

This means, among other things, a solid focus on mission, the desire to leave a positive mark on humanity, functioning in a borderless world of exponential change and business being a force for good.

As this happens, the lines between us, our employees and our customers start to blur. We become ONE community, with one shared mission: Awaken humanity

We’re in the business of transforming people and societies by spreading enlightened ideas. We shape how our customers think, raise their kids, treat their bodies and minds. To our customers, we have the responsibility of shaping beliefs and thus lives.

This is a huge responsibility and to do this well we wanted to question the the traditional rules and create our own manifesto of what we believe business should evolve into.

1 We are not an “American” nor a “Malaysian” company, but an “Earth” company.

Mindvalley’s head office may be based in Kuala Lumpur, but our team comes from all across the world. In the halls of Mindvalley HQ alone, you’ll bump into people holding passports from 59+ different countries. Visions of the human race that inspire us include the future societies in shows like Star Trek, where people co-exist as one race, free from borders, nationalities or religions. This is the environment we seek to create in our office, at our events and in everything we do. We celebrate all cultures at Mindvalley -- office events are held for Ramadan, Christmas, The Fourth of July, India Independence Day and more -- but at our core we believe we’re ONE human race, and “our” people refer to all 7 billion of us on Planet Earth.

Mindvalley team photo

In this picture alone, taken at one of our Mindvalley office, 50+ nationalities are represented.
Human Unity is our single most important value and underpins everything we do.

2 We Transform Our People into The Best Versions of Themselves

Mindvalley is not just about high-performance at work. We encourage our people to have higher goals and ideals in all areas of their life. For us, growth is a goal in itself. The typical person at Mindvalley has physical health and fitness levels way above the norm, practices meditation daily, and is an enthusiast of reading, fitness and spiritual growth.

With many of the world’s best self development programs and Earth’s greatest teachers accessible to you, growth is a powerful force at Mindvalley. The transformation in body, mind and spirit that happens to people who join Mindvalley is one of the most unique things about our company. We live and breathe self-growth.

Your career at Mindvalley will change your body shape, the way you dress and carry yourself, it will increase your levels of compassion, kindness and humility and you will evolve as a human being. We care about the whole you, not just the version of you that shows up to work. One of the reasons Mindvalley produces so many prominent alumni is because of this dedication to growth.

This idea is enshrined in Mindvalley’s Management Credo:

“Leadership is recognizing that we are all ONE. That every person you lead is as brilliant as you, as talented as you, and has the same capacity for growth and accomplishment. They simply need to be reminded of this fact.”

Video Below: Mindvalley team members share their remarkable body transformations after the Wildfit Quest, a 90 day challenge that 120 employees and their families went through to shift their relationship to food and create a more ideal body. At Mindvalley our team regularly take part in challenges to transform and upgrade themselves.

3 We Innovate Rapidly to Stay on The Leading Edge of Exponential Change

The world is evolving at an exponential rate. According to Peter Diamandis, there will be as much change between 2016 and 2022 as there was between 1900 to 2000. We stay on the pulse of this change, which means that in one quarter of Mindvalley you will experience more innovations and change than in a year at a regular company.

At Mindvalley we have a philosophy....as soon as your team gets comfortable and you have all processes running in order, it’s time to uplevel. For example as soon as our technology team finished building Mindvalley Home, our online learning hub, they were tasked with disrupting their own creation by building Mindvalley Quests, a radical new form of learning.

Mindvalley Products

It takes a special breed of person to thrive in this environment. You must be comfortable with change, rapid learning and aiming for near-impossible goals. What you learned in University will often be totally irrelevant as you work to build totally new concepts for education. This quality is embodied in our value of Envisioning. It’s part of our DNA and our soul. Today we’re already exploring technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more as we plan years into the future.

If you love the thrill of rapid change and constant innovation, this is the place for you.

As an example of this rapid change check out these before and after pics of Mindvalley’s Growth that Vishen Lakhiani shared in a blog post.

4 We Believe Happiness is the Single Most Powerful Tool for Productivity

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth and days in the office can be intense. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day. We create an environment that is designed to make your work, your projects and even company meetings, a ton of fun.

The office itself is designed to inspire joy. Happiness is woven into everything we do, such as culture days, frequent social events and even our company meetings which are called the Awesomeness Report.

Mindvalley A-Fest

Our events are more than learning experiences, true to our philosophy, they are infused with intense fun.
Pic above: the Mindvalley Team at A-Fest, Mexico.

5 We Nurture a Culture of Gratitude, Compassion and Appreciation

A great company culture isn't just about perks and a sexy office. It’s about the very consciousness of the company itself. Gratitude, compassion and appreciation at Mindvalley are actual tangible processes ingrained in our company DNA.

Because of this, the vibe at Mindvalley is very different. Our people greet each other with hugs, not handshakes. We regularly leave appreciation notes on each others desks. People spend weekend together and even take holidays together while exploring the beauty of South East Asia. Many people here find their best friend or even life partner within the company.

Research from Harvard University has shown that employees who have a best-friend at work are 7X more engaged in their job. And studies by Gallup have shown that cultures where appreciation is commonplace, create the happiest and most productive work environments.

But we didn’t engineer these into our culture because of these studies. We did it because we believe if you’re going to spend 70% of your waking hours at work, why not make those moments some of the most loving, joyful, supportive moments in your day.

Mindvalley team

Part of our team after the Mindvalley Live event in L.A.

6 We Believe in Serving Humanity First

We believe that there are two kinds of companies in the world. Humanity Plus and Humanity Minus. Vishen Lakhiani explains this concept in his book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

I believe that the key to long-term career happiness is the ability to differentiate between humanity-plus and humanity-minus settings.

Humanity-minus companies are often businesses that exist solely for a profit motive. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s harder to get excited about your company’s mission when it’s not adding any value to the world, or worse, if the company is selling harmful products like junk food or is engaged in unsustainable practices like fossil fuels.

Other humanity-minus companies are founded on artificial demand—that is, selling products we don’t truly need and that might even be potentially harmful, but they are marketed as necessities for well-being or happiness. You know what I’m talking about. We see those ads on TV every day.

Humanity-plus companies, in contrast, push the human race forward. Some examples include companies focusing on clean, renewable energy sources, companies that promote healthy eating and living, or companies working on new ways to elevate and improve life on our planet.

Ideally, these are the companies we should be working for, supporting, and starting.

Whatever your mission turns out to be—whether it’s starting your own business, joining a business, pursuing a cause outside of work, letting your creative light shine out to the world, or devoting yourself to raising amazing children, there’s really only one thing you need to remember: You don’t have to save the world. Just don’t f*** it up for the next generation.

At Mindvalley we take this idea seriously. The number one question we ask when making important strategic decisions is “Will this decision help make the world better off for our children’s children?”

This philosophy means making decisions that might not be best for profit, but are best for humanity. This impacts how we work with our team, our customers, our stakeholders.

At Mindvalley you help make the world a better place just by showing up at work every day.

Mindvalley team

The Mindvalley Tribe at Mindvalley A-Fest 2019, in Portugal.

7 We Stand Up for What We Believe In

Yes, we are ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential – to be extraordinary. But sometimes, personal growth is about getting off the yoga mat or meditation pillow and using your power to actually fight for a better world for the next generation.

So we believe in taking a stand. We encourage our team and customers to stand up for what they believe in, to make a dent in the Universe, and seek to leave the planet better off for our children’s children. The video below helps capture this spirit.

8 We Unite our Customers, Our Employees and Our Authors into ONE Community

We see every one of our students as a stakeholder. Our community unites in real world events and online. The CEO and founder is open and accessible and ideas are often run by customers for feedback before becoming business strategy. Our senior leadership team is expected to make spontaneous calls or emails to customers to check on how they’re doing. You can see examples of this by observing how our community of biggest fans and employees interact openly on our Mindvalley Community Facebook Group.

At Mindvalley’s events like A-Fest, we unite our authors, customers and employees into one tribe. We create extremely strong tribal dynamics. Tribe members organise their own A-Fest meetups and there are even A-Festers who get married after meeting at Mindvalley events.

At Mindvalley U, our CEO attends with his entire family and works from the same workspace as our enrolled students.

As we grow our community to 10 million students, will this principle of inclusion survive? That remains to be seen. But for now, we believe in breaking downs the walls between our customers, our people, our authors and our leadership.

Mindvalley’s Customer Support team won an award for Best Customer Support in Asia. We listen to our customers and train our team members to value not money spent, but lives changed. We created hassle free refund policies and raise our production quality standards every year based on customer feedback.

Mindvalley authors

Our authors, our team, and our customers’ at Mindvalley A-Fest 2019, in Portugal. One Tribe.

If You Are As Passionate About Our Manifesto As We Are

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