Mindvalley’s Best Teachers & Training, At Your Service

As a Mindvalley team member, you enjoy free and unlimited access to all our world-class Quests and courses from today’s best teachers. Choose from subjects like peak performance, health and wellness, modern spirituality, lifestyle design, and so much more.

And when you’re not studying a program, you can book a session with Mindvalley’s in-house life coaches, and even attend talks and training sessions with our authors and teachers across the world. Now that’s learning on the job.

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Tribe benefit

Be Surrounded By People Who Uplift You Everyday

You don’t meet average employees in Mindvalley. You meet rebels and dreamers launching game-changing movements, writing bestselling books, starting global tribes, and transforming their minds and bodies - all in an inclusive space that honors humanity’s beautiful diversity.

Something magical happens once you start bonding with these people: you find yourself leveling up too, in ways you may have never thought possible.

Special Discounts On Global Mindvalley Events

One of Mindvalley’s superpowers is hosting legendary events - like A-Fest, described by some as a cross between Burning Man and TED Talks. Or Mindvalley University City Campus, where our tribe of entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, innovators, and visionaries moves to a foreign city for a whole month of learning and co-creation.

Mindvalley team members get generous discounts to attend these events - and for some, there’s also the option of attending as a volunteer, and getting your entire trip sponsored. You’re even encouraged to bring your family for an experience they’ll never forget.

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Learning materials benefit

Want To Study A Book Or A Course? We’ll Get It For You

It should come as no surprise that everyone on the Mindvalley team is in love with professional growth. And we’d like to keep that love going.

So whether you’ve been eyeballing that brand new coding course everyone’s talking about, or the latest bestseller from your favorite personal marketer - just put in your request. If it’s a good fit, we’ll order it for you and your team.

Access To The World’s Most Powerful Lifestyle Design System

Professional growth just doesn’t cut it if you’re not growing in other areas of your life too. That’s why as a Mindvalley team member, one of the first things you do is spend four days in a jungle villa creating your very own Lifebook.

Lifebook is the world’s most powerful lifestyle design system. It’s a book you actually write yourself, that outlines your personal vision of success in the 12 dimensions of your life - so you can start living your best life in every possible way.

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Fitness and health benefit

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Personal growth is as much about your body as it is about your mind. Mindvalley gives you highly optimized, scientifically validated tools and resources to transform your physical wellbeing - so you’re stronger, fitter, faster, and more energetic than ever before.

Plus, you’ll enjoy access to our leading-edge fitness and nutrition programs like WildFit and 10X.

Honoring Parenting: The Most Important Job In The World

Mindvalley honors the sanctity of parenting at all stages. If you have a child, we want you to be present for those magic moments with them!

We offer generous paid leave for new moms and dads. Plus, the freedom to bring your child and family for office visits, company trips, and Mindvalley events worldwide.

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Work culture benefit

A Flexible, Progressive, No BS Work Culture

We believe the old idea of the rigid 9 - 5 job belongs in a museum. Mindvalley is committed to nurturing a progressive workspace that gives you the freedom to excel on your own terms.

That means, for instance, that remote working arrangements are allowed at times. You can exchange public holidays for annual leave. Or you can work from a beach, a forest, or an exotic foreign city, even in different timezones.

It’s Not An Office, It’s A Playground For Adults

You may have the option of working remotely, but you’ll find it hard to stay away for too long from the award-winning Mindvalley HQ. Our office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia gives you three unique floors of working space, all designed to encourage creativity, inspiration, and co-creation.

Our latest working space is called the “Temple of Light”: a lit up space that’s a cross between Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, and a child’s jungle gym. You’ll love how the multi-colored glass here paints the entire office (and you) in gorgeous colors twice a day.

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