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From The Team

Mindvalley is a fast-paced environment in which I am empowered to cause real positive change to our clients lives!

To work in Mindvalley is a transformational experience. Not only I get the space to sharpen my developer skills and flexibility, but I also get to do it surrounded by lots of inspiring, caring and growth-focused people. The bonds and trust created within the engineering teams makes the workplace fun and lighthearted. It is a pleasure to come to work everyday. :)

Bruno Azenha

Senior Web Developer / Brazil

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it's a great environment for rapid & consistent growth on all levels.

It’s great to work on what you love but being in Mindvalley - with its own unique culture - adds much more fun and depth to it where you get to work with interesting mindsets on challenging problems that push you to grow and learn professionally and personally, it's a great environment for rapid & consistent growth on all levels.

Amr Mohsen

Lead Android Developer / Egypt

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The work culture at Mindvalley is unparalleled

It is friendly, supportive and gives you the opportunity to innovate.

Mindvalley being a personal transformation and growth oriented company treats its employees the same. You won’t be boxed into a fixed mindset as the company thrives on diverse and dynamic employees. It also guarantees work-life balance and will nurture you to reach your potential.

The work culture here will certainly be an amazing change from what you experienced before, trust me!

Damith De Silva

Product Operations Manager / Sri Lanka

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In Mindvalley, we always innovate and build new things while making sure that everything still works.

What made me fall in love with Mindvalley was how they equipped me with all the tools and resources I needed to improve myself, not only for my career, but also for my personal life. In Mindvalley, we always innovate and build new things while making sure that everything still works. Mindvalley gave me the opportunity to help people around the world to improve themselves, one LOC (line of code) at a time.

Vince Urag

Web Developer / Brazil

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We listen to feedback and take new initiatives.

At Mindvalley we are in the midst of building Jarvis which requires us to think beyond conventional websites and applications. AB tests are helping us to make quick decisions. My manager has always encouraged me to step up and take new initiatives. Here coworkers are ready to help you irrespective of their team.

M. Saad Siddiqui

Senior Front-End Developer / Pakistan

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Ever since I joined Mindvalley, I have experienced so much growth in my career and personal journey in life.

The most exciting thing about Mindvalley's tech team is the sense of coordination, solidarity, and willingness in trying out different tech stacks and trends which provides us so much room to be more motivated, innovative, and creative when delivering quality products.

Manase Michael Mhando

iOS Developer / Tanzania

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Mindvalley offers freedom and flexibility in working location and hours as long as we deliver results.

I have been working in Mindvalley for about 3 years now and it's been an amazing step in my career. I have been able to meet talented people and have gained irreplaceable experience for my career.

In tech operations, we make sure we follow the best practices throughout the Industry and keep the DevSecOps stack up to date with new technologies. Mindvalley offers freedom and flexibility in working location and hours as long as we deliver results. I get to be a part of a culture where my opinions and ideas are valued.


Systems Engineer / Maldives

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Mindvalley respects you as an individual and helps you grow how you want to.

From engineering and management techniques to people skills and personal growth, I really believe that Mindvalley embodies the products it sells by providing the space and opportunities for me to determine my career growth the way I see best fits my future.

And it really helps to be surrounded by engineers who are passionate about technology and willing to constantly have open and earnest discussions to help improve ourselves in terms of our platform, processes, and people.

Fadhil Luqman

Senior Web Developer / Malaysia

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Working with ever-changing technology allows me to learn something new every day

I enjoy working with a diverse group of like-minded coworkers, some of whom have become lifetime friends.

Feedback and gratitude are an important part of the workplace culture, and they have helped me enhance both my technical and interpersonal skills.

As a software developer, I am proud to be part of a team that is developing an innovative online learning platform which is transforming the lives of millions of people.

Sandeep Mukherjee

iOS Developer / India

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I feel happy working on a product that helps millions of people to transform themselves.

From my 12 years of building products, working at Mindvalley has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had.

I love working at Mindvalley because of the amazing products, the people and the story behind them. Mindvalley being a human transformational platform, there's a lot of space for engineers to learn and experiment.

At Mindvalley, we don't only build great products. We also focus on elevating engineers across and supporting them to grow. Every sprint is an opportunity to learn and experiment.

Mohamed Afzal Amir

Engineering Manager / Maldives

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