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Be at the forefront of global education and design best-in-class learning programs with the highest completion rates in the industry. Curate the learning experience of millions and transform lives one lesson at a time.

From The Team

The evolution and growth you'll experience in Mindvalley is unparalleled! You'll have access to the greatest teachers to support you through your growth and you'll be uplifted by the rest of the Mindvalley team who pushes and motivates you like no other team I have ever experienced. The team has become my #1 source of inspiration and support, in my professional and personal life. Plus I highly value freedom in the workplace and at Mindvalley I feel like I am always empowered to be the creator of the life I choose to live.

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Eni Selfo

Head of Community / Italy

Mindvalley is a fast growing company and it provides space for the team members to grow rather than just execute tasks. I find myself being challenged every day and encouraged to adopt an entrepreneurial way of thinking. I love that I get to contribute to a bigger vision for the future of humanity. I see Mindvalley not really a business, but rather a mission that just happens to be in a form of a company. And I'm proud to be on board.

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Miriam Gubovic

Director of Programming / Slovakia

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