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At Mindvalley, we explore to leading edge ideas in personal transformation. We surround ourselves with people who inspire us. We take the whole world to new heights with us.

Mindvalley is not a company with a mission. We are a mission that has a company and we live and breathe our mission.

We are looking for team members who don’t only define themselves based on their skills and experience. We want to know what really motivates and drives you in life. So, how does Mindvalley fit into that journey? We want to get to know you!

Our Team

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Where We're Going

Mindvalley U at Tallinn, Estonia

We're Building the World's Most Advanced Education Platform

Mindvalley on its surface is a company delivering world-class education to millions around the world via our Quest platform which seeks to make learning as addictive as a computer game. But that's just the beginning.

Our next venture is to building the augmented reality interface for human learning and designing the world's most advanced AI for 'unifying' brains.'

2 women workout looking at the vital stats on a digital screen

Build Ironman's 'Jarvis' for every human being.

Tom Chi, the engineer who built Google X visited Mindvalley and said "Your most important job is to change the course of human history. We have exponential tech -- but we need an exponential rise in human consciousness."

To this, we're building a human guidance machine. A new platform that will be able to guide every human being towards optimal day-to-day living to move them towards their goals, best practices for health and well-being, and even recommend to them other human beings they need to connect with.

Multiple Mindvalley apps and websites on mobile phone, tablet and latpop

Change the Global Education Curriculum Using Data, AI & Collaboration with the World's Top Teachers.

Bring AI, Data and human potential to help schools, governments, and companies redesign their curriculums based on cutting edge tools to transform human potential. When you work at Mindvalley - you're changing the course of human history.

We're building an engine that designs customized curriculums and lifestyles for every human being based on their authentic nature and their goals, passions, and mission. We want to help every single human unlock their full potential.

World Blue Award

Won WorldBlu’s Award For Most Democratic Workplaces 11 Years Straight
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What Mindvalley People Said

Being part of Mindvalley means being part of a mission which aligns with my beliefs & values

I'm able to contribute in a bigger scale than I would on my own. What's most important is that I get to change the world for the better with the most amazing group of people whom I'm blessed to have as my second family.


Head of Mindvalley Local / Estonia

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The team spirit is magnificent, everybody is working hard and smart to build something awesome.

The work we are doing with the data allows me to be in touch with most of the teams in the company, from Technology to Business. The effort that everybody made to deliver a high-quality product to our customers is amazing. There is a space to grow and to implement the up to date technology and methods to deliver the best quality in the best way. Glad to be part of this multinational team.


Lead Data Engineer / Egypt

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Mindvalley is a fast-paced environment in which I am empowered to cause real positive change to our clients lives!

To work in Mindvalley is a transformational experience. Not only I get the space to sharpen my developer skills and flexibility, but I also get to do it surrounded by lots of inspiring, caring and growth-focused people. The bonds and trust created within the engineering teams makes the workplace fun and lighthearted. It is a pleasure to come to work everyday. :)

Bruno Azenha

Senior Web Developer / Brazil

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My Life Transformed In Ways I Never Thought Possible

In 2011, I took the leap and switched from a Biomedical engineering career to join Mindvalley and little did I know that my life was never going to be the same again. Fast forward 7 years later, traveling to 4-5 countries a year experiencing the most beautiful corner of the world, meeting incredible people from all walks of life, and transforming people’s lives in the process is part of my every day life. I couldn’t be more grateful to make that crazy decision 7 years ago.


Head of Mindvalley Arabic / Sudan

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Being in Mindvalley has taken me on a growth journey like no other

Being in Mindvalley has taken me on a growth journey like no other - both personally and professionally. Everyday, I’m surrounded by passionate, hardworking, and talented people who inspire me to always go beyond expectations. Apart from that, I have received so many tools, support, and guidance from my team and the company to not only develop my skills but to also evolve as a person.


Social Media / The Philippines

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Sometimes the people in the company care more about my growth and well-being than I do myself.

My journey with Mindvalley started even before my graduation. Many years later, I still find myself growing and learning something new just about every day, surrounded by inquisitive coworkers and an abundance of resources. My teammates act as my constant force, willing for me to see past what I am, and to know what I can be.


Web Developer / Malaysia

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it's a great environment for rapid & consistent growth on all levels.

It’s great to work on what you love but being in Mindvalley - with its own unique culture - adds much more fun and depth to it where you get to work with interesting mindsets on challenging problems that push you to grow and learn professionally and personally, it's a great environment for rapid & consistent growth on all levels.

Amr Mohsen

Lead Android Developer / Egypt

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The work culture at Mindvalley is unparalleled

It is friendly, supportive and gives you the opportunity to innovate.

Mindvalley being a personal transformation and growth oriented company treats its employees the same. You won’t be boxed into a fixed mindset as the company thrives on diverse and dynamic employees. It also guarantees work-life balance and will nurture you to reach your potential.

The work culture here will certainly be an amazing change from what you experienced before, trust me!

Damith De Silva

Product Operations Manager / Sri Lanka

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