Product Marketing (French Language)


Boost Mindvalley's Growth and Impact in the French Market by hacking how we do our Product Marketing! If you are a marketer who has a deep understanding of the French Market and knows how to build a funnel into a performance beast, have an intense love relationship with data-driven decisions and bring an innovation mindset to everything you do, we want you on the team.

About Mindvalley

Mindvalley is one of the leading and most promising ed-tech companies on the planet. We have dominated the US market for Personal Growth Education and created a brand that is now powering athletes in every major US sports team and learning in major companies. But we're more than that. We're currently working on the most advanced learning system on the planet - a version of Ironman's Jarvis that utilizes AI and augmented reality to provide customize learning to turn anyone into a superhero. We make people better humans in every aspect of life and we are seeking the best engineers on the planet to come together to build the most advanced education platform our species has seen. If we achieve our goal we will be powering 100 countries, every company in the Fortune 500 and moving humanity towards a better future for the human race.

About the Role

We are expanding our Localisation team and we are looking for Product Marketing Specialists with excellent proficiency in French. You will be responsible for the implementation of the marketing success of our products for the French market. You will be the key stakeholder responsible for products that you will launch or optimize for evergreen traffic. For these products you will be trusted and responsible for the entire funnel and will be interacting with different stakeholders in the process (Traffic, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media) to ensure that all marketing assets are in place. 


This position involves studying and hands-on experience in Marketing Psychology, Conversion hacking, Funnel building methodology. This role is crucial for Mindvalley as it has a direct impact on our revenue! Any new innovation or idea based on your knowledge and external research, that successfully improves performance in any funnel, will get implemented across all funnels. How sounds that for a challenge?



  • Research: Constantly learn the cutting-edge marketing practices in the industry, and figure out how they can be brought to our current funnels. 
  • Funnel building: Building funnels and learning to best sell products online is a major part of this role, and it will involve project management, creating & maintaining a straight line for standard operations, and communication with key stakeholders.
  • Conversion Hacking: Responsible for improving conversion along the funnel
  • Innovation and Growth Process Implementation: Following growth methodology, prioritize the most impactful ideas from your research and execute fast.
  • Measuring the impact: Reporting on important metrics from Google Analytics, Blink Webinars, Maropost and any other 3rd party tools that may be used.
  • Production Manager: Lead the project team in executing the Product Launch and offer optimisation of products. Maintains communication, keeps everyone informed & documents all activities on the relevant channels. Responsible for setting up emails in Maropost and Blink, and updating copy of the pages on Ignite.
  • Marketing Psychology: Create Marketing psychology for the Product and ensuring that the entire product is in alignment with the Marketing Strategy.
  • Product Marketing Owner: Responsible for increasing Mindvalley's revenue from the success of the product launch.  



  • Growth Hacking Mindset.
  • Stronghold on data analysis and data-driven decision making.
  • Addicted to Learning and passionate about selling products online: This mindset is critical because, like every role, this will involve a lot of project management but you can't settle there, and this mindset will enable you to challenge all existing practices, research and study what's happening in the world and constantly bring it back to Mindvalley. We will be investing in this person's learning by purchasing new courses and sending you for external trainings in future.
  • Marketing tech savvy: Ability to execute Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Mobile Apps, Blink Webinar, Hubspot/Ignite etc.
  • A deep understanding of effective marketing psychology and strategies specifically for the French market. 
  • You have a native level of French or have lived for at least 10 years in a French speaking country
  • Entrepreneurial experience in France would be a plus
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, an exceptional team player and able to handle tight deadlines, fast execution while being detailed-oriented.
  • Excellent time management and project management skills. 


Your application must include:

Your resume in PDF format. Include links to work samples such as software, designs, or writing you have created so we can see proof of your talents.

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