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Design the most beautiful works of art found anywhere. Create masterpieces you’re proud of that impact millions daily. Make the world of education more beautiful and vibrant through gorgeous and inspiring designs.

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I truly believe that Mindvalley is a place that offers limitless possibilities in your growth professionally and personally. I’m lucky enough to have worked with some of the most heart warming and brilliant minds that are equally hungry to make a difference. And lastly, it’s a place that you’ll truly discover your greatest potential as the culture and environment will simply evolve you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

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Fariz Salleh

Media Design Manager / Malaysia

Hello there, my name is Rames, I am working as Art Director here in Mindvalley. 7 years ago I joined the Media Design team. From that day till now, there is NEVER a day I am not motivated. Thanks to my cheerful colleagues. Every day at Mindvalley, I get to work with the smartest people I know on beautiful projects that help share the mission of "Pushing Humanity Forward" in various ways.

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Rames Harikrishnasamy

Art Director / Malaysia

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