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Cyber Security Specialist

As the Cyber Security Specialist for our Tech Team, you will spearhead security strategy - work across teams and departments to ensure our infrastructure is ready to support Mindvalley's ambition of impacting a billion lives.

About Mindvalley

Mindvalley builds businesses that innovate on transformational education for all ages, through mediums that range from digital publishing, educational technology, online learning, mobile apps, content, events and more. We stand for ideas that enable people to be extraordinary and impact lives. Founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani, we are a team of 200 people from 40 countries, working across a wide range of inter-related businesses that are dedicated to pushing humanity forward through reforming global education.

You'll be exposed to some of the best knowledge, people, and resources available anywhere. Mindvalley is considered one of the top places in the world to work and has been written about in magazines, articles and on TV.

About the Role



By joining the Technology team as the Security Specialist, you’ll be one of the key players to engineer, implement and monitor security measures for Mindvalley’s systems, apps and information. And with that, you’ll contribute to Mindvalley’s mission to revolutionize learning experiences worldwide and impact a billion lives through our technology and ecosystem of apps. Our goal is to go global, to be everywhere, to make Mindvalley a part of people’s lives. In this specific role you will:

  • Identify and define system security requirements.
  • Assist and Contribute to Security Policy Development and Implementation.
  • Be involved in change, release and incident management.
  • Design and implement the architecture of the next generation of automated infrastructure.
  • Identify and resolve problems relating to critical service operations and to prevent their recurrence.
  • Help improve reliability, stability and tackle scalability challenges with engineering teams.
  • Build and maintain tooling to log, monitor and audit infrastructure.
  • Periodically embed with product teams to help with security sensitive projects.
  • Do regular penetration testing of web applications.


  • At least 3-4 years of relevant experience working with engineering teams as a security specialist, analyst or engineer.
  • Practical knowledge on different kinds of software vulnerabilities, particularly on web and mobile technology.
  • Familiarity with programming / scripting languages (Ruby, Python, Javascript). 
  • Expert knowledge on hardening Unix / Linux based operating systems, web servers, and application servers.
  • Well-versed with vulnerability assessment and penetration testing methodology, along with its related tooling.
  • Strong understanding on computer security topics, e.g. identity management, cryptographic system, access control, IDS / IPS.
  • Possesses analytical skills, mental resiliency and the ability to think systematically under stressful conditions.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and work effectively across the organization.
  • Relevant security certification from a established security certification organization (ISC2, ISACA , ECCouncil, etc).
  • Experience with implementing and overseeing organizational security policies, compliances, and risk management.

Tech at Mindvalley

Due to the unique environment that Mindvalley has in terms of having its own ecosystem of applications that support the business, working with us in a technical role is a great challenge.  

We generally look for attitude over aptitude when it comes to technical skills, a history of proven execution and excellent root cause analysis problem-solving skills are things that we value highly.

We predominantly build apps with a Nginx, Unicorn, Ruby, Redis and PostgreSQL architecture on Linode so experience with any of these will be valuable to us.

The technical ecosystem is both interesting and broad covering systems that deal with:  

  • Payment processing (both check-out and backend)
  • Media streaming (live and repeated)
  • Serving websites to large audiences (high concurrency)
  • In-house customer service tools
  • Financial reporting
  • Shipping & logistics
  • E-mail handling (sign-ups, cohort analysis etc)
  • Authentication, identification & user data collection/analysis
  • In-house Textile based CMS for a large number of sites

Any technical role will provide a good mix of development work, systems thinking, problem-solving, business analysis with a large dose of teamwork. 

Engineering Culture

We run functional teams based on the SCRUM methodology and are a fairly Agile environment, with 2-week sprints and teams with a minimum of 2 developers (preferably 3) plus a Platform Owner. Sprints cannot be interrupted and work is planned out well in advance to keep stress down to a minimum. We have also been experimenting with LeSS recently (Large Scale Scrum).

We have a focus on scalability, stability and code quality and we use tools such as Circle-CI and Code Climate to help with that

Your application must include:

  1. Your resume in PDF formatInclude links to work samples such as software, designs, or writing you have created so we can see proof of your talents.
  2. The completed application form linked below.

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