Public Relations Manager

9 May 2017 

As Mindvalley gets more and more attention, we are in need of a Public Relations Rockstar to steer all PR activities! This is your opportunity to shape the future of a brand as exciting and unique as Mindvalley's.

You will control and coordinate all PR related activities and communication to make sure that we’re getting the right type of exposure based on Mindvalley’s brand, identity, and business objectives. In addition to that, you will work closely with Mindvalley's leadership to get the word out about our mission and define how we can spread our approach to work and learning ever further.

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  • Liaising and answering enquiries from media, individuals, organisations via email or phone
  • Manage external agencies, partners etc. related to PR and media
  • Attend and/or manage/coordinate PR related activities such as: photoshoots, press conferences, exhibitions, open days, press tours, community events, speaking engagements and sponsorship activities
  • Plan and develop PR strategies for Mindvalley with senior executive team members from various functions like marketing, branding, culture.
  • Preparing content such as: publicity brochures, handouts, PR videos, and other related materials.
  • Manage the PR aspects of crisis situations.


  • Previous experience as a PR manager
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong stakeholder management: must be able to coordinate a variety of stakeholders to formulate and manage a world-class PR strategy
  • Ability to work under high pressure and successfully navigate even stressful situations without compromising your ability to represent Mindvalley's brand and values
  • Outstanding people skills: Represent Mindvalley's brand confidently and build an ever-growing network of key contacts to advance our mission
  • Displays high adaptability where needed, can easily operate in a fast-pased, ever-changing company environment

Measures of Success

  • Endorsements and Connections
  • Public Appearances and Activities
  • Visibility in chosen channels of media
  • Project deliverables

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Your application must include:

  • The latest version of your resume. Include links to writing, websites or other proofs of your talents you have created. 
  • A video cover letter. Record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, your skills and motivations for applying. Tell us how your expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Be specific.

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