Marketing & Online Events Specialist

30 March 2017 



  • Key responsible role for execution and delivery of an online event; responsible for all deliverables as part of the online event
  • Be accountable for production workflow using JIRA (eg. completeness of tickets)
  • Marketing research prior to initiating the online event, which could include discussions with the author, clients, and reviewing survey data
  • Driving the discussion around USP, angles, hook, etc; prepare beforehand and come to the marketing gstorms with suggestions
  • Work closely with copywriter to ensure writing is consistent with marketing direction
  • Holder of the marketing gameplan (deck) for the specific online event; maintains communication and keeps everyone on same page; documents everything in the deck
  • Monitoring and reporting KPIs during production; including email analysis
  • Work closely with the brand manager to ensure production & delivery of online events on time
  • Be present at all marketing video shoots; provide edit notes for the video team and ensure the final videos are up to standard
  • Webinar review with focus on marketing/pitch
  • Compiles screenshots of testimonials used on the replay page
  • Administer and be the master gatekeeper of everything related to Maropost platform ( blasting, monitoring and reporting on all levels of email performance (KPIs, deliverability, etc)
  • Daily reporting & escalation
  • Marketing innovations that could benefit the whole process
  • Key responsible for the mailing calendar & emails going out
  • Following up on content & affiliate blasts
  • Responsible for email list cleaning & health.


  • Solid understanding of what makes effective communication
  • Experience with email marketing
  • Understanding of copywriting fundamentals 
  • Copywriting experience preferred
  • Process oriented
  • Very attentive to detail

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