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Lead Web Developer

As a lead web developer you should have solid leadership/mentoring skills, an unmatched passion for technology, excellent presentation skills, have contributed to open source projects, an obsession for quality, relevant industry experience of 10 years or more and preferably be a Ruby master.

Mindvalley builds businesses that innovate on transformational education for all ages, through mediums that range from digital publishing, educational technology, online learning, mobile apps, content, events and more. We stand for ideas that enable people to be extraordinary and impact lives. Founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani, we are a team of 200 people from 40 countries, working across a wide range of inter-related businesses that are dedicated towards pushing humanity forward through reforming global education.

Tech at Mindvalley

Due to the unique environment that Mindvalley has in terms of having its own ecosystem of applications that support the business, working with us in a technical role is a great challenge.  

We generally look for attitude over aptitude when it comes to technical skills, a history of proven execution and excellent root cause analysis problem solving skills are things that we value highly.

We predominantly build apps with an nginx, Unicorn, Ruby, Redis and PostgreSQL architecture on Linode so experience with any of these will be valuable to us.

The technical ecosystem is both interesting and broad covering systems that deal with:  

  • Payment processing (both check-out and backend)
  • Media streaming (live and repeated)
  • Serving websites to large audiences (high concurrency)
  • In-house customer service tools
  • Financial reporting
  • Shipping & logistics
  • E-mail handling (sign-ups, cohort analysis etc)
  • Authentication, identification & user data collection/analysis
  • In-house Textile based CMS for large number of sites

Any technical role will provide a good mix of development work, systems thinking, problem solving, business analysis with a large dose of teamwork. 

Engineering Culture

We run functional teams based on the SCRUM methodology and are a fairly Agile environment, with 2 week sprints and teams with a minimum of 2 developers (preferably 3) plus a Platform Owner. Sprints cannot be interrupted and work is planned out well in advance to keep stress down to a minimum.

We have a focus on scalability, stability and code quality and we use tools such as Circle-CI and Code Climate to help with that.

Other stuff we do/you will encounter:

  • Line by line code reviews for every pull request on Github, this maintains code quality and keeps everyone in the loop & learning.
  • At least 2 people working together on every project (collaborating not pairing)
  • Full test coverage for everything important
  • Constant learning (we have learn days, and unlimited book budget, conference/training budget etc.)

The Role

We are looking for someone who can level up our team of top-notch quality driven Ruby on Rails developers. If you live and breath technology, regularly get invited to give talks at both deep-tech and business conferences, run a successful and popular tech-blog, contribute code to the open source projects that you've used regularly and you love mentoring and coaching more junior developers - you might be the one!

You must have a solution oriented mindset and are always looking for the absolute best solutions to solve problems, and are even more productive in a collaborative team environment. In this role it's essential to be a team player; we succeed because we catch and support each other in our work. In your day to day operations you must appreciate receiving feedback on your work because you know it’ll make you even better at your job and at the same time you will be comfortable assisting your teammates by doing the same in the form of code reviews, general feedback and structured sharing.

Your responsibilities will include leading, mentoring, hiring, retention, external branding (giving talks & volunteering your time) and motivation of the team along-side designing, architecting, developing and maintaining web applications. Designing, completing and maintaining complex 3rd part integrations and also troubleshooting existing web applications and integrations. Also auditing and upholding our strict quality standards across all platforms, teams and individuals. Our tech stack predominantly consists of Ruby on Rails, nginx, PostgreSQL, Redis with Linode as the host - production/professional experience with any of these technologies will be a big plus.

This position requires you to be physically located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is not open to full time remote working.


  • Upholding team standards for code quality, test coverage, efficiency, optimization, scalability, security and constantly pushing the bar higher.
  • Be THE canonical source for tough Ruby related questions and issues raised by the team.
  • Lead, mentor, motivate and teach the rest of the team in terms of technical best practises and business knowledge.
  • Brand Mindvalley externally as a high level, world class technical team by attending events, conferences and meet-ups and delivering top-notch talks and panels.
  • Help hiring requirements as needed (specification, managing external hiring agencies etc).
  • Develop interactive, stable, high quality web applications through the use of HTML/HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Ruby on Rails for all web mediums;
  • Work closely in functional scrum units to execute the vision of the business leaders in terms of functionality and user experience;
  • Provide solutions, develop and maintains websites, and other related internal and external activities;
  • Helps develop IT requirements for web applications including overall tech strategy for the company;
  • Responds rapidly to continuous changes and real-time updates required to web sites;
  • Conduct internal trainings & knowledge sharing regularly;


  • 10+ years of experience with your favourite language(s) - preferably Ruby;
  • Understand current web development standards & software development paradigms from the front end to the bare metal;
  • Proven track record of successfully delivering high quality web software at scale, on time, in cost and without losing people;
  •  Absolutely outsanding communications and presentation skills;
  • Good understanding of program/project management techniques and styles and the pros and cons;
  • Operate without dogma;
  • Multi-task oriented and very well organised, never let things drop;
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • Deeply technical root cause analysis problem solving skills;
  • Experience managing teams of 30+ members;
  • Works well under pressure developing key features for high volume business critical financial systems.

About Mindvalley

Why do insanely smart people from around the world give up traditional job ideas and instead come and work for MindValley

J-O-B is a dirty word. Work, we believe, needs to be fun, educational and something that makes you excited so much, that you jump out of bed each morning.

Screw the Traditional 9-5 Job. Instead, get paid to Play, Create, Learn and Grow. It’s like Being a Child Again. But with a Salary.

You'll be exposed to some of the best knowledge, people, and resources available anywhere - which you can apply to your own projects and become much more employable. Mindvalley is considered one of the top places in the world to work and has been written about in magazines, articles and on TV. 

Here are some More Perks:

  • An office that was voted one of the top ten Coolest Offices in the World in an Inc Magazine audience poll
  • Our company is a 6 time winner of the World's Most Democratic Workplace Award
  • Work on a team that's launching some of the most innovative and highest grossing apps on the iTunes store
  • We have our own 150 seater Auditorium that hosts the best tech meetups in our city. Tons of growth and connection opps
  • Annual trip to paradise island, a team of 100+ folks from 32 countries, killer growth opportunities, flexitime and more
  • Plus, we'll give you a Macbook or PC laptop which you can take home and use on the weekends and after working hours.

Plus you'll enjoy flexible working hours, which fit into your life as you want them to - a competitive salary, and you'll get to work in a medium size, highly international team. You'll also get whatever hardware and software you need to ensure that you can play, create, learn, and grow more every day.

We're looking for people with a passion for technology, who want to have an impact and don't mind getting their hands dirty.

If this is you, don't delay - make sure you jump on this rare opportunity now, you may never get this chance again.

Your application must include:

  1. A resume in pdf formatInclude into your resume the links to software, mobile apps, your coding samples, or your web designs and portfolio so we can see proof of your talents.
  2. Your completed application questionnaire.

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How to join the Team

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