Junior Social Media Specialist

12 April 2017 

As a Junior Social Media Specialist you will be responsible for innovating on traffic sources for organic traffic and converting them into leads and revenue.

One of Mindvalley's main goals for 2017 is growing our user base and revenue from Organic Traffic sources. That's why exploring new sources of traffic will be crucial to reach the goals we created.

You will work closely with the entire Marketing team, especially Alessio, Vadim and Klemen. 

Meet the team!

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  • Implementing signup forms, CTAs, smart bars, popups and other conversion hacks across blogs and content pages
  • Reporting on metrics from Google Analytics, BigQuery, as well as other marketing platforms and 3rd party apps
  • Ongoing study of digital marketing principles, best practices and other direct marketing methodologies to contribute to our growing revenue
  • Studying, Testing and Innovating on different Social Media platforms in which Mindvalley is not present yet (Pinterest, Medium, Quora, Reddit...)
  • Experimenting on different white spaces of Mindvalley (referral programs, viral loops, viral content production)


  • Growth hacking attitude: You knows the newest tricks in marketing and you are eager to implement them.

  • Basic Analytics background: Assumptions are nice - never-ending testing is better.

  • Basic knowledge of marketing channels: You know how to connect the dots in multi-channel universe of Organic Search, Social Media, Email, and Blogging.

  • Learning On The Fly: You learn fast by studying different resources, but also by testing and iterating on different experiments.
  • Intellectual Horsepower: You are able to deal with concepts and complexity comfortably. You are intellectually sharp, capable, and agile.
  • Knowledge sharing: You love share and teach your findings, insights, tactics and knowledge with various teams. 
  • Prioritisation: Knowing which tests, tasks and activities have the highest gains and potential benefit for Mindvalley is must.

  • Tech Savviness. You understand and can operate with the technical aspects of digital marketing:

    • URL tracking parameters
    • Web forms
    • APIs, HTTP requests
    • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS

Your purpose of existence in this universe will be: Creating new organic traffic sources for the Mindvalley website!

Your primary KPI will be: # of traffic generated from organic traffic sources.

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Your application must include:

  1. A resume and a video cover letter. Record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, your skills and motivations for applying. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Be specific.
  2. Include into your resume links to software, web designs, or writing you have created so we can see proof of your talents.

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