Growth Hacker

1 August 2017

Boost Mindvalley's Growth and Impact by hacking how we do our Product Marketing! If you are a marketer who knows how to build a funnel into a performance beast, have an intense love relationship with data-driven decisions and bring an innovation mindset to everything you do, we want you on the team.

As one of our Growth Hackers, you are responsible for the implementation of the growth process in one of the teams in the Product Marketing Division. This role is crucial for Mindvalley as it's going to directly impact revenue and impact. If we will hire you, you will be pretty much trusted from the beginning with a core element of our success story - and we expect you to build on it! Any new innovation or idea based on your knowledge and external research, that successfully improves performance in any funnel, will get implemented across all funnels. How sounds that for a challenge?

This role involves studying and hands-on experience in Marketing Psychology, Conversion hacking and Funnel building methodology. 

Meet the team!

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  • Research. Constantly learn the cutting-edge marketing practices in the industry, and figure out how they can be brought to our current funnels. 
  • Funnel building. Building funnels and learning to best sell products online is a major part of this role, and it will involve project management, creating & maintaining a straight line for standard operations, and communication with key stakeholders.
  • Growth Hacking Implementation. Following growth methodology, prioritise the highest impact ideas from your research and execute fast.
  • Measuring the impact. Reporting on important metrics from Google Analytics, Blink Webinars, Maropost and any other 3rd party tools that may be used.
  • Spread the successes. Every time a new test or innovation is successful, do knowledge sharing with the entire company and ensure its replicated across every relevant funnel.
  • Expand the scope. Expanding the impact of funnels by referral strategies, tripwires methodology, viral loops etc.

To understand even more about how we work, check out Vishen's video on Conversion Hacking:


  • Growth Hacking Mindset.
  • Relevant experience. At least 1 year of relevant digital marketing experience.
  • Stronghold on data analysis and data-driven decision making. In god we trust, all else must bring data.
  • Learning addiction and passion for selling products online. This mindset is critical because this will involve a lot of project management - but you can't settle there, and this mindset will enable you to challenge all existing practices, research and study what's happening in the world and constantly bring it back to Mindvalley. We will be investing in your learning by purchasing new courses and sending you for external trainings.
  • Rapid prototyping & proper testing. This is the only way to really hack and bring exponential growth to any system. You should be able to handle tight deadlines, fast execution, and work independently.
  • Marketing tech savvy. So you can execute in Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Mobile Apps, Blink Webinar, Hubspot/Ignite etc.

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Your application must include:

  1. A resume and a video cover letter. For the latter, record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, motivation for applying and your love for personal growth. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Be specific.
  2. Include into your resume links to any previous work (if any) you deem relevant to the role that you think we should check out.

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