Customer Support Engineer

10 March 2017 

Mindvalley Customer Support Team is the essence of an extraordinary mission and experience. We love people and love to enrich their lives through dialogue about our products as well. Having detailed knowledge, we are not just serving information, but are also making recommendations and playing an advisory role to our customers. We ensure feedback flows to all teams in order to improve and innovate our services, we analyse data and help to ensure smooth and exciting customer journeys with Mindvalley, and we spark customers with new ways to make their experience continuously better. Mindvalley is aiming to be the gold standard for customer support in the education industry. We’re psyched to say that we now regularly hit a 95% customer satisfaction in ratings according to Nicereply, and rank among the top companies worldwide that use this service.

Meet the team!

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  • Providing an amazing, personalized experience to each customer.
  • Applying the WOW philosophy and following the Mindvalley communication standards
  • Effectively diagnosing and solving day-to-day customer concerns and issues related to our Platforms and Tech
  • Providing accurate data and feedback analysis in order to create better customer experiences with our Tech
  • Building and improving systems and processes related to Tech Support.
  • Ensuring feedback flows to various teams in Mindvalley to improve our Tech Support
  • Updating & Preparing TECH related Content for our FAQs
  • Execute tasks that require HTML/CSS coding
  • Coming up with ideas and solutions that will improve customer experience, and innovating like crazy and making things happen with a team of talented individuals
  • Starting Salary: 4000 MYR gross.


  • Excellent command of the English language.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and resourcefulness.
  • Innovative mind and a self-starter mindset.
  • Ability to collaborate and work well in a team.
  • Competent and comfortable with technology.
  • Passion for personal development and Mindvalley’s content.
  • Ability to grow and learn in a challenging and fast-paced environment.
  • Motivated by communicating with customers and helping others all day, every day.
  • Basic HTML & CSS


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  1. A resume and a video cover letter. Record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, your skills and motivations for applying. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Be specific.
  2. Include into your resume links to software, web designs, or writing you have created so we can see proof of your talents.

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